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Tumor came out in 1 piece             
Took about 2 weeks             
       Tumor left - its was 6 mm deep 
       did not bleed, new skin formed
         under tumor before it came out 
NAI Products


Native American Indian Salve & Tablets

Made in the way of the medicine man, handed down from generation to generation. It

has been used for centuries to rid the body of unwanted viral, bacterial and fungal

problems. It became known to the white settlers as the black salve. Many have taken it

internally and have reported success with such problems as tumors, cancer, herpes, and

hepatitis to name a few. NAI is dedicated to bringing you the best products using only

the finest organic ingredients available.




The following information describes some of the different uses for the NAI Salve & VBF


1. Use for treatment of mouth lesions, diseased gums and for removal of plaque from

teeth. Apply a match head-size portion of salve along with toothpaste and brush

teeth, gums and tongue once daily for 7 to 10 days. Repeat as needed.

2. Alleviates yeast infection (Candida). Use one-half (1/2) level teaspoon of salve per

pint of warm water as a douche. Use the same proportion to bathe any external

areas affected.

3. When used in conjunction with colonics use 1/2 teaspoon in 8 ounces of water as an

implant. Hold for 10 minutes.

4. Mix a small amount of salve in a spray bottle and use for solving foot fungus

problems. Mixture enough for three days. (It will last longer but you may not need


5. For removal of warts, preferably pin prick around perimeter for better penetration

of salve. Warts sometimes peel off in layers and may require a second and even a

third application.

6. Sore throat - Gargle and swallow a small pea size amount of salve added to two

ounces of water. Repeat as needed.




7. Want to get rid of a cold? If the gargle and swallow method doesn’t stop the

advance of a cold, try taking 3 or 4 tablets before bed for 2-3 days or more. It can

reduce the sinus drainage and chest congestion.

8. For herpes – VBF TABLETS ONLY - take L-lysine for two days prior to taking tablets.

This will minimize herpes outbreak that may occur when first taking the tablets,

usually indicating your last outbreak.

9. Many skin disorders have been alleviated by taking the tablets and systemically

solving the problem. It will take longer but doesn’t leave a scar as with the salve.




Keep salve from making contact with metal objects, which tend to neutralize the

product. Use a wood or plastic instrument when handling the salve.

Add water if salve becomes dry in the container. A moist paste is most effective for

application purposes.

Keep salve and tablets in a dry storage area at normal room temperature.




Red Clover, Bloodroot, Galangal, and Sheep Sorrel mixed in the proper proportion with

a mineral binder to maximize results.






There are two options for taking the tablets.


Option I: Take 1-4 tablets at bedtime. Many have found this to be the

easiest way to avoid feeling nausea or tiredness that may occur.


Option II: Take tablets at mealtime to spread intake of tablets out during

the day.



Treatment program:

Three-Four (3-4) tablets per day for 3 months or

longer if needed. Start by taking only 1 tablet the

first day and increase dosage according to your

comfort level. Usually within two weeks you will

be able to tolerate 3-4 tablets per day. Decrease

or discontinue dosage temporarily if necessary.



Maintenance program:

Once the desired results are achieved using the

Treatment program, take one-two (1-2) tablets

per day for 1 month. Suggest doing this every

three months.

To improve the detoxification process this product can be taken in

conjunction with colonic or enema treatments.

As with any Adaptogen, it is beneficial to take a day off now and

then. Seven days on and one day off works best for most people.

This will also allow the body to rest.



Read Carefully!


NAI Salve is a powerful healer. In many cases it is a relentless substance that hunts

down and penetrates all abnormal tissue. Pain, swelling, and redness around the area

may occur with its use. NAI Salve completely eliminates abnormal tissue. Scaring may

occur and should be taken into consideration before applying. It is advisable to try the

salve in a place other than your face on the first application, so you can experience the

process and its function. Keep the tissue soft with Aloe Vera or Vitamin E oil, to help

minimize any scaring that may occur.


The following are recommendations based on what many users have found to be

effective. ONLY ONE (1) APPLICATION IS NEEDED. More applications of salve will

extend the healing period longer than necessary. The salve may cause a burning

sensation if a virus is present. If you think that “a little is good so more must be better”

or “it’s all natural and therefore must be completely safe to use”, think again! It cannot

be stressed enough that NAI Salve is a very powerful herbal formula.

If nothing happens, this is usually an indication that no virus is present in that area.




1. Apply a sufficient amount of salve to cover the affected area. If better penetration

is needed, prick around the area with a sterilized needle. If possible leave

uncovered for 8 hours. Otherwise apply Aloe Vera or Vitamin E oil to the gauze

portion of a bandage and cover the treated area. Leave the bandage on for eight (8)

hours. If cancer or a virus is present, a dark scab will most likely begin to form.


2. Remove the bandage at the end of eight (8) hours. Rinse the affected area

thoroughly. If the salve has penetrated the skin, a grayish ring will begin to form

around the core area. Outside the gray ring a swollen red area will appear. Time for

the gray ring to form will vary depending on the size and amount of growth being

removed. The gray ring must encompass the core in order for it to separate from the

body. Some have mistakenly identified the gray ring to be an infection, which it is

not, and it must be left undisturbed in order for the core to separate.


3. Use Aloe Vera or Vitamin E oil to keep the scab soft for as many days it takes for the

core to come out. The core will loosen visibly as the treated area works its way out,

usually in 7-12 days.


4. Keep clean and soft at all times. Do not try to pull out the core. Let it come out

when it’s ready.




After core comes out, new skin will already have formed, so it normally will not bleed.

Keep clean and soft with Aloe Vera or Vitamin E oil until the core area fills in, indicating

that healing is complete.

NOTE: The salve in the container will last for many years, but if the salve ever dries

out, just add a few drops of water to make it moist again. It is best to use wood or

plastic utensils when handling the salve.
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